i-LEED: Events

Kickoff meeting

On 19th December 2013 a formal kickoff meeting of the i-LEED project was organised in Freising in order to announce the official start of a project. The kickoff meeting was postponed until December regarding to the asynchronous start of the project for partner depending on the funding organization. The kickoff meeting provided an opportunity for the entire team:
  • to identify any concerns and issues that could alter the project plan
  • to summarise the recent project activities
  • to define the roles in the project
  • to discuss the major milestones, and the timeframe for completion
  • to get information about advanced tools for collaboration within the project and accept them
  • to select the final design of the i-LEED project logo and
  • to discuss the concept and design of the i-LEED internet page
The kickoff meeting was a successful and an enthusiastic event pointing out the willingness of the project team to deliver the work accurately spite of difficulties considering the project time shifting.