Research - Selected projects in English

The problem-oriented research of the LfL offers a great variety of tasks. Only a small part of the results and science-based issues is presented in English. The topics stand for LfL-projekts and trials.

Renewable Energies

Pilot Project at the Institute for Crop Science and Plant Breeding
Low-Energy Greenhouse with conceptional LED Plant Lighting

Niedrigenergie-Gewächshaus Südseite nachts

With the new Low-Energy Greenhouse, the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture has realized a pilot project, in which effective solutions for the energy-efficient restructuring of old stock research greenhouses can be tested. The new construction is oriented towards the so called ZINEG-technology (ZINEG = Future Initiative Low Energy Greenhouse) and aditionally utilizes latest generation wideband LED lamps for plant lighting.  Mehr

Crop Science and Plant Breeding

EfectaWheat – An Effector- and Genomics-Assisted Pipeline for Necrotrophic Pathogen Resistance Breeding in Wheat

Winterweizenblätter mit Symptomen von Tan spot und Septoria tritici

LSG (Leaf Spot Group) is considered as the most important fungal leaf spot disease of wheat with major yield losses in Europe. The most economical and ecologically beneficial way to ensure high quality and yield in wheat production is by resistant wheat cultivars.  Mehr

Plant Protection

Agricultural Engineering and Animal Husbandry

i-LEED - Advanced cattle feeding on pasture through innovative pasture management


The aim of the project is to optimise the feeding of cattle on pasture and the management of the pasture through introduction and fusion of innovative tools like the pasture robot and the i-LEED software. Finally, a fully functional pasture robot will be demonstrated. The pasture robot will be developed based on a redesigned existing robotic platform in order to allow stable movement under difficult terrain conditions.  Mehr