The departments regard themselves as service providers who support the institutes with their plans and projects. Additionally, they have clearly defined tasks in training and the implementation of EU and national guidelines and programs. Together with analyses and legally defined investigations, the central departments contribute decisively to the successful work of the LfL. Together with analyses and legally defined investigations, as well as in cooperation with the central departments contribute decisively to the successful work of the LfL.


Central Administration

The Department of Central Administration provides service facilities for all different internal administrative expenses. The department is divided into four subject sections, central services, human resources management, economic and financial resources as well as general legal matters.


  • Central services (AZV 1)
  • Human resources management (AZV 2)
  • Economic and financial resources (AZV 3)
  • General legal matters (AZV 4)
  • proceedings of administrative fines; legal matters animal and plant production (AZV 5)

Quality Assurance and Analytics

person at a desk
The Department of Quality Assurance and Analytics (AQU) supports the institutes in their tasks of applied research with chemical and microbiological analytics. It also provides services for the support of sovereign functions. The data is useful for state counselling, especially in the context of environmental protection and high quality food production. The department also works closely together with self-help institutions such as the LKP and LKV.


  • Analytics of nutrients, active ingredients und biological systems (AQU 1)
  • Analytics of raw material quality of plants and bioenergy (AQU 2)
  • Analytics of animal feed and animal products (AQU 3)

Information and Knowledge Management

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management (AIW) provides central services for the institutes and departments of the LfL. The department supports the objective of the LfL and acts as the central knowledge and central service center for agriculture in Bavaria. Therefor it is necessary to guarantee the efficient handling and processing of information and data. It´s main activities include the fast knowledge transfer of new research results and the support for further innovation.


  • Media and Public Relations (AIW PR)
  • Knowledge Management (AIW WM)
  • Information Technology (AIW IT)

Job Training

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The agriculture and food industry offers a variety of jobs for joung people. Their chances of acquiring the best jobs in the industry are increased by completing some kind of professional training and/or apprenticeships. A wide range of different further training cources is offered. This acts as a firm basis, at the very least, for a leadership position.


  • Professional training as a dairy industry technologist (ABB 1)
  • Professional training as a dairy industry laboratory technician (ABB 2)
  • Professional training in several career options in agriculture (ABB 3)
The department is also responsible for the teaching, research and demonstration centers for the dairy business in Kempten und dairy analytics in Triesdorf.

KErn – Competence Center for Nutrition

KErn is based in two main locations in Freising-Weihenstephan and Kulmbach in Northern Bavaria. It comes under the auspices of the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry. The LfL supplies service facilities for Kern, like human resources management and budget or IT services. The main objectives of KErn are the support of a sustainable lifestyle conducive to health, an increase in knowledge about nutrition and the further development of innovation.